Ash (Richard) Powell

33 Years technical experience, 23 years in leadership and management roles with a strong background in Systems Security, Automation (CI/CD), Cloud Platforms, Team Leadership, Programming, Networking, Systems Administration, Web Development, and Compliance.

Professional Experience :

Sr IT Manager / Cloud Engineer
Scan123 Corporation – Portland, OR

Sep 2018
– Present

  • Managed team of 4, and served as a member of the Leadership / Strategy Team
  • Migrated 100TB of customer data, and 100G DB from colo facility to Google Cloud Platform
  • Mirrored entire infrastructure at Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Business Continuity
  • Materially participated in the hiring process across multiple departments
  • Designated Security Officer. Responsible for obtaining and maintaining SOC 2 compliance
  • Automation : CI/CD, Selenium/Katalon web testing and deployments with Jenkins, backups, service monitoring, customer quarterly and cancellation backups, resource resizing (GCP/AWS) to match workload
  • Managed various SaaS components, too numberous to list all. Git on Bigbucket, CloudFlare, Mailgun, Slack, Twilio to name a few
  • Maintained the stability of the application environments running on a LEMP stack. Production, Staging, QA

Host Pond LLC

Aug 2002
– Aug 2017

  • Designed and built this fault tolerant web hosting company from the ground up. All aspects from technology, security, network, disaster recovery, contracts, human resources, customer support, business administration and taxes.
  • Sold the customer base to in 2017
  • Technologies Linux (CentOS), Windows, Cisco, WordPress, CPanel, Barracuda
  • Constantly analyzing and developing new strategies to keep hackers and spammers off the network
  • All aspects of customer support, including troubleshooting problems with various 3rd party opensource programs
  • Worked extensively with WordPress and many popular plugins

Sr Systems / Network Administrator
Standard TV and Appliance

Dec 2006
– Aug 2012

  • Design, Recommend, Install, Administer various technologies
  • Designed, Implemented, and Maintained VoIP/PRI phone system
  • Migrated T1 loop to more cost effective VPN Internet strategy
  • Design and Maintain Active Directory environment
  • Multiple projects designed and implemented : LAMP Stack, Oracle DB (SQL), GERS, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps and Driver Routing.

Chief Security Officer
PaySentinel LLC

Feb 2004
– Feb 2010

  • Responsible for all aspects of ensuring PCI DSS compliance
  • Design, Recommend, Install, Administer various technologies

Chief Technology Officer
R.G. Tecq Inc

Oct 2002
– Jul 2008

  • Oversee all aspects of product development
  • Review, specify, recommend, and purchase hardware and software products pertinent to current and future projects
  • Successfully hacked into multiple corporate networks in order to demonstrate security weaknesses to potential and existing clients
  • Actively participate in code development for the Mega Music Player, the Authotecq financial transaction system, and the IQ Secure Network Information protection devices. All projects involved encryption using DES, RSA and the proprietary DogCryption algorithm
  • Trained employees in the following areas: Networking protocols (IP/UDP/etc), C/C++/Basic, Linux, CGI, Systems Management

Technical Manager
USC/Norris Cancel Hospital

Feb 1999
– Feb 2000

  • Coordinate Year 2000 readiness plan for entire site
  • Supervise: PC support specialist and trainee
  • Intranet/Web: Develop and implement
  • Conduct basic PC and corporate email training for company associates

Sr Systems Manager / Network Admin
Health Net

Dec 1992
– Feb 1999

  • Project Lead / Manager and Mentor for projects too numerous to list
  • Systems Administration : Linux, Windows NT, VAX-VMS, SYSGEN
  • Network Administration : Cisco, SNA, DNS, TCP/IP
  • Languages : DCL, VB Script, Java, Javascript, C++, ASP, VAX-BASIC
  • Additional Tech Experience : STRIPE, RAID, Disk Controllers, RSA/PGP, ODBC, MSSQL Server, Oracle RDB, DECEDI

Systems Administrator

Aug 1996
– Jul 1997

  • Systems Admin supporting 15 VMS Alpha Systems, 4 Win NT/95 Systems
  • Configured RZ29 raid sets on HSZ controllers
  • Functions Automated: account creations/modifications, file restores
  • Programmed in Postscript for report writing utility
  • Additional Experience: Problem Analysis/Resolution, Network model pools

President / Webmaster / Network Administrator
Web Master Detail Inc.

Apr 1996
– Nov 1997

  • Hardware Configured: T1 Router, DNS, NIC cards, & SCSI devices requiring kernel recompiles on Linux system, LAN-WAN on the Internet
  • Worked with Hylafax, PostgreSQL, Apache,, sendmail, gnu-c++ , ppp
  • Troubleshot: Network, Software, System Performance issues
  • Automated: Information retrieval programs, and web site monitoring
  • Additional Experience: CGI, routing, NFS, html, e-mail, perl, ghostscript, TCP/IP, IPV6, SSL, Java (Sockets), Client/Server applications

Computer Operator / Jr Engineer
Northrup Grumman B-2 Division

Sep 1990
– Sep 1991

  • Tested software – Wrote test cases. Analyzed high risk areas
  • Programmed in JOVIAL, VAX-FORTRAN, VAX-C, VAX-BASIC, Datatrieve
  • Developed DCL code for full image and incremental backups
  • Responsible for user administration and batch job maintenance

Computer Operator
U.S. Census Bureau

Mar 1989
– Sep 1990

  • Promoted twice within a year, Programmed in Datatrieve
  • Assisted in the installation of a DEC-VAX cluster
  • Installations, upgrades & patches
  • Trouble shot system failures and user related problems
  • Supervised data processing of payroll and personnel information

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