28 years technical experience, 18 years in leadership and management roles with a strong background in Systems Security, Programming, Cryptography, Networking, Systems Administration, Web Development, Automation, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

email : rpowell@lucidheart.com

Intel, AMD, ReadyNAS, ReadyDATA, Cisco 27xx, 37xx, SG300, Switches (DLink, Cisco, Lucent, Extreme), Firewalls (SonicWall, Symantec, Barracuda), DEC Alpha 3000/8800/2100/4100, VAX 6650/7740/8530/8250), Sun Sparc, Macintosh, DEC Hubs, HSJ/HSZ/HSC Disk controllers, Storage Tech SILO.
Telnet, SLIP, HTTP/S, DNS, CGI, EDI, X12, AES, RSA, Diffe/Hellman,
DES, Blowfish, IDEA, PPP over Ethernet
Linux, Unix, VMS, Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/9x/3.x, MacOS, DOS, Cisco IOS
MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL,
Apache, WordPress, Joomla, cPanel, Ensim, Plesk, phpBB, Sendmail, Snort, tcpdump, Tripwire, AIDE, OpenSSL, Microsoft: Outlook / Exchange Server / Active Directory / Internet Information Server / Proxy Server / SQL Server / Index Server / Office / Visual Studio, PGP, GPG, Crystal Reports, Diskeeper, SYSGEN, Multinet, UCX, Pathworks, DECEDI, SLS, DCSC,
ALLIN1, 2020
PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Java, VB Script, C, C++, Active Server Pages (ASP), Assembly Language (Intel), VAX-FORTRAN, VAX-COBOL, VAX-Basic, Postscript, SQL, GW-Basic, Jovial, Datatrieve, DCL, DOS, ksh
Owner, Host Pond LLC 07/24/2008 to 09/01/2017
  • Designed/Implemented fault tolerant services using ReadyNAS network storage and vmware ESXi
  • Linux (CentOS) systems administration
  • Developed photo gallery slide show in WordPress
  • CPanel installs and configurations
  • All aspects of customer support, including troubleshooting problems with various 3rd party opensource programs
  • Worked extensively with WordPress and many popular plugins
  • Constantly analyzing and developing new strategies to keep hackers and spammers off the network
  • Administrate barracuda spam filter for hundreds of websites
  • Basic graphic work for websites. Photoshop cropping, layers, paths, etc…
Sr. Systems/Network Administrator (consultant), Standard TV and Appliance 12/26/2006 to 11/01/2013
  • Design, Recommend, Install, Administer various technologies to meet electronic information needs
  • Designed, Implemented, and Maintained VoIP/PRI phone system. Mitel (Formerly Inter-Tel)
  • Migrated T1 loop to more cost effective VPN Internet strategy using SonicWall firewalls
  • Maintain Windows server and client desktops in Active Directory environment
  • Programmed and Maintained LAMP Intranet website with various ties into corporate GERS/Escalate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Using Oracle SQL commands
  • Programmed web based daily delivery and support routes using both Yahoo maps ans Google maps for easier scheduling and oversight of deliveries. Saved company thousands of dollars per year by automating these processes
  • Scripted Electronic Service Orders (ESO) using open office spreadsheet (scalc) and basic.
    Multi-step program that extracts daily calls from GERS/Escelate, then imports tech comments and status back into the ERP system.
Sr. Systems/Network Administrator, OP River Technologies 10/2002 to 07/2007
  • Design and implement corporate network infrastructure
  • Supervise and manage all technical departments, including product development and disaster recovery
  • Systems installations, upgrades and management (Linux, Windows, Cisco, Extreme)
  • Design and develop custom automation scripts, as well as web based client control panels
  • In charge of all aspects of system and network security (Chief Security Officer)
  • Negotiate and maintain all contracts pertinent to technical business operations
  • Review, specify, recommend, and purchase hardware and software products pertinent to business operations
Technical Manager, USC/Norris Cancer Hospital 02/1999 to 02/2000
  • Supervise: PC support specialist and trainee
  • Coordinate Year 2000 readiness plan for entire site
  • Intranet/Web: Develop and implement on-line reports, corporate telephone directory, and training materials
  • Conduct basic PC and corporate email training for company associates
Sr. Systems Manager/Network Administrator, Health Net 07/1997 to 02/1999
  • Windows NT Server Administration. Upgrades/Installations, Domain security and system policies
  • Intranet/Web: Evaluate and purchase software and hardware to meet the companies needs. Corporate and Division level design and functionality of Intranet web sites involving HTML, VB Script, Java, Javascript, C++, ODBC, MSSQL Server 6.5, Oracle RDB 7.0, and Active Server Pages (ASP). Technical support for all web server software and hardware.
  • Configure and Maintain: SNA gateway, DECEDI records, Cisco routers, DNS on Linux system
  • Monitor and troubleshoot network problems and bottlenecks
  • Evaluate and implement RSA/PGP encryption technology
Systems Manager, Health Net 12/1992 to 09/1996
  • Primary Manager of 3 node development cluster and 3 node ALL-IN-Q cluster – at different times
  • Secondary Manager of 8 node production cluster
  • Project Lead: Automated Notification Project; responsible for hardware purchasing, network design involving DECNet and TCP/IP, configuring the client/server hardware and software, and configuring the Polycenter Console Manager application
  • Performance Management; determine hardware bottlenecks, install images, modify SYSGEN parameters, upgrade controllers and systems, investigate poor coding and scheduling practices
  • Trouble shoot system failures, and develop plans to avoid similar future failures
  • Revamped entire tape library database into a more efficient and accurate system
  • Manage disk space (host & controller based STRIPE, RAID, etc…) for over two terabytes of data. Trust me, back in the day, this was A LOT of data. 😉
  • Coded in DCL: Customized Storage Library System (SLS) which cut the backup times in half, backup verification and recovery programs, incorporated RMU backups into SLS, automated operational procedures
  • Coded in VAX-BASIC: Database to manage disk moves, logical names, and disk space allocation
  • Trained Operators on VMS, DCL, SLS, DCSC, Backups, Polycenter Scheduler, Ops Procedures, UNIX
  • Member of Operations Standards Committee: developed documentation and instruction on procedures
Systems Administrator, DirecTV 08/1996 to 07/1997
  • Swing shift Systems Administrator supporting 15 VMS Alpha Systems, 4 Win NT/95 Systems
  • Configured RZ29 RAID sets on HSZ controllers
  • Functions Automated: media conversion, account creations/modifications, file restores
  • Programmed in Postscript for report writing utility
  • Additional Experience: Problem Analysis/Resolution, network model pools – Shiva – Defender 5000
Owner / Webmaster / Network Administrator, Web Master Detail Inc. 04/1996 to 11/1997
  • Hardware configured: Pipeline router on T1, Linux DNS server, NIC cards, & SCSI devices requiring kernel recompiles on Linux systems, LAN-WAN on the Internet
  • Software Configured: Hylafax – Email to pager/fax, PostgreSQL, Apache web server, sendmail, gnu-c++, ppp
  • Troubleshoot: Packet loss problems, software problems, performance bottlenecks,
    network issues
  • Automated: Information retrieval programs that crawl the world wide web, and web site monitoring
  • Additional Experience: CGI, routing, NFS, graphics design, HTML, VRML, email,
    perl, ghostscript, animation, TCP/IP, SSL, Java (Sockets), Multiple OS booting,
    Win95, IPV6, Client/Server applications
Computer Operator, California Field Ironworkers Trust Fund 09/1991 to 04/1992
  • Coded in DCL: Full image and incremental backup programs
  • Developed VAX-BASIC code for tape library tracking system and outstanding balance reports
  • Submitted and monitored batch jobs, performed backups and restores, distributed reports
Computer Operator/Jr Engineer, Northrup Grumman B-2 Division 09/1990 to 09/1991
  • Tested software – Wrote test cases. analyzed high risk areas. Analyzed programs in assembly language
  • Programmed in JOVIAL, VAX-FORTRAN, VAX-C, VAX-BASIC, Datatrieve, Regis Graphics
  • Trouble shoot system failures
  • Developed DCL code for full image and incremental backups
  • Maintained the security of user authorization files, managed disk space, submitted and monitored batch jobs
Computer Operator, U.S. Census Bureau 03/1989 to 09/1990
  • Promoted twice within a year
  • Developed Datatrieve code for payroll department
  • Assisted in the installation of a DEC-VAX cluster at the Regional Census Center
  • Installations: VMS Operating System, and customized software upgrades/patches
  • Trouble shoot system failures and user related problems
  • Supervised data processing of payroll and personnel information

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