I am pretty good at taking existing designs/images and modifying them in Photoshop.  However, to be clear, I am not a graphic artist.  I take other peoples designs and turn them into working code.  In particular, I like to take web  designs/layouts and incorporate them into Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.  The following are some of the jobs I’ve worked on.

wordpress theme mashupI call this job a WordPress mash-up.  The customer wanted to use the Dewdrop theme, but wanted to have the customization’s that were available in the Atahualpa theme.  So I took the Dewdrop theme and overlaid it onto the Atahualpa theme to provide the look of one theme with the features of another theme.

I performed the work of this entire project for free in order to learn WordPress better.  It was one of my first WordPress projects.  I estimate that it took me about 6 hours to complete this job.

gallery objects WordPress pluginGallery Objects is a flexible flash-like image gallery plugin for WordPress.  It basically takes the features/code of the AD Gallery script developed by Anders Ekdahl and incorporates them into WordPress.

This was one of my more ambitious recent projects where no pay was involved.  It was something I wanted to provide for my photographer customers as an alternative to using Flash.  I estimate that it took me 85 hours to complete this project. 

delivery routes technician google mapsAt Standard TV and Appliance, I developed an internal web interface that enabled easy oversight and modification of their daily delivery routes.  This interface saves the company thousands of dollars each year be eliminating what used to be a very manual process of looking at locations on a map on the wall.

Each location on the map to the right can be rerouted to a new delivery truck simply by dragging the icon to one of the outer boxes.  Each route can be printed with driving directions from Google with the best route to get to all points.  The interface was integrated with the Escalate (Formerly GERS) ERP program.  I estimate that this interface took me about 100 hours to complete.


More projects to come.

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