Bicycling is one of my greatest passions.  I believe it brings a very necessary balance to my life by taking me away from the computer and the desk.  I have done the Seattle to Portland (STP) bike ride every year from 2008 to 2013.  It is a 200 mile bike ride over the course of two days.  From 2011 to 2013 I finally did the Columbia Gorge Explorer (CGE) bike tour, which is a fully loaded tour that goes two days east on the Washington side of the Gorge and two west on the Oregon side of the Gorge.  Fully loaded means I took my tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and food with me.

I also lead an annual Pedalpalooza ride called the SE Ponds ride.


I discovered yoga in 2009.  I practice a few times per month.  This is another physical activity that help bring balance into all aspects of my life.  I like Anusara inspired yoga.

Dream Research and Practice

I have practiced lucid dreaming for much of my life and often journal my dreams in great detail.  Some of these dreams/experiences I post online over at LucidHeart.com.  You can see the dream that inspired me to practice yoga over here.


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